Minutes from the October 2006 General Meeting

Minutes from the General Meeting held on October 18, 2006 are attached.

WWPNA membership map (2006)

One way to determine WWPNA's representation of the neighborhood is to look at the membership list. Folks who don't feel represented by the organization simply won't pay annual dues.

To that extent, the attached map is pretty gratifying. A graphical view of the current membership list suggests we do represent the whole neighborhood pretty evenly. And the folks who have left the organization over the past two years are equally well dispersed.

I guess we're doing our job - and should remain mindful of our continued efforts to represent the WHOLE neighborhood.

How to obtain timely city information

Knowing what's happening in the city isn't simply a matter of being involved. It's also a matter of knowing where to look. One of your best sources of information is WWPNA itself: through this website, our mailing list, and our regular newsletters, we push out a great deal of information. But there is far more to be had, and we are reluctant to send everything out to members for fear of overload.

So you can choose for yourself. Not only through this website (with subscription features that enable you to be updated only on those topics that you are interested in), but also through many city resources.

Visit for newsletters and press releases are available for a variety of topics. Name and email are the only fields required to sign up. I would especially recommend...
City Council Agenda
Council Meeting Schedule
Kathleen MacKenzie, Dist. 7 Newsletter
Focus Neighborhoods Initiative Information
Office of Art, Culture & Film Press Releases

WWPNA members can subscribe to one or all. And if you feel like you're getting too much or too little email, it's easy to change. Even just by knowing about these subscriptions, you all can better decide what emails you might like like to receive.



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