Monthly Zoning Meeting - Cancelled

Oct 28 2008 - 7:00pm
Oct 28 2008 - 8:30pm

The October Zoning meeting has been cancelled due to lack of agenda items for the month of October.


Monthly Zoning Meeting

Aug 26 2008 - 7:00pm
Aug 26 2008 - 8:30pm

Agenda for Zoning Committee Meeting August 26, 2007
Grant Avenue Community Center
216 S. Grant, 7:00 pm, signs will be posted at entries with room assignment

51 Penn, Hearing date Sept 2, Denial of a permit to erect a front porch addition 3 feet into the 5 ft north side setback (Issue with side yard set-back)

168 S. Emerson, Hearing date Sept 2 - Denial of permit to erect an 8 ft fence (6ft permitted) in an R-3 zone

1101 S. Ogden, Hearing date Oct 7 - denial of a permit to erect a 2 story addition (Issues with Rear set-back, Zone B height and bulk plane)

363 S. Corona, Hearing Date Sept. 23 - Denial of a permit to erect a second story addition (Issues with front yard set back, both side yard set backs, the bulk plane at both north and south side yards and height at Zone B)

We are also in need a chair and secretary since both Anne and Gertie have served for 2-3 years and new fresh energy and perspectives are always wanted.


January Zoning Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes for the January Montly Zoning Meeting. Included is a summary of the special meeting held December 18th.

There was no montly meeting held for December.


Liquor License Application - Special Zoning Meeting

Dec 18 2007 - 7:00pm
Dec 18 2007 - 7:50pm

Time: 7:00pm
Place: 216 S Grant - Grant Street Community Center

Agenda: Liquor license application for the corner of Alameda and Pennsylvania (old flower shop)with Acoustic cabaret (live music).

Hearing is January 23rd, Petitions started on December 8th.


Mainstreet Zoning

Nov 15 2007 - 7:00pm
Nov 15 2007 - 9:00pm

Mainstreet Zoning is comming to our neighborhood. The first property to change it's zoning will be the Big Lots store located at 1st and Broadway.

Come and meet with us to discuss what this means to the neighborhood and learn about Mainsteet Zoning. This is a relatively new zoning classification so we'll do a comparison of "B" zoning as it relates to "MS" zoning.

The land where Big Lots sits is zoned B-4 with parking across the street zoned R2-A. Since parking is lot a use by right on a "R" zone the city has requestd the owner of this land apply for a change of zoning to MS-2.

This will be an informational meeting with time for questions and answers.

Location: 216 S Grant, Community Center