Website Registration

This is not just a web site! In addition to up-to-date information about West Washington Park events and issues, you can also be notified when information is added in your topic(s) of interest.

Through the WWPNA site, neighborhood leaders can inform the community by posting articles themselves. You do not need to be WWPNA member to register, but members get special privileges on this site as well.

How To Register

Use the registration form to create an account on the site. This will email you your password and allow you to sign up for email notifications as described above. If you are a paid resident or Board or Committee member, please contact to have your permissions upgraded.

Customized Website Update Email Alerts

Once registered, you can receive updates when there are announcements for your topic of interest. For example, if you're interested in the Historic Preservation or the House Tour, you can receive an email when information has been added to that area of the site. Once you have registered, click on "my account" and then "Subscriptions" to change your preferences. You may select as many areas of interest as you want.

Other Site Features

  • Vote in polls - Current WWPNA members can elect to upgrade their status to vote in the polls on the site. (Please see How To Register below.) While these polls are not currently considered official input, they do help gauge the feelings of residents.
  • Site Administration - Board Members & Committee Chairs can now add content and change their area of the site quickly and easily.

WWPNA Email List

This list, which has been active for a few years, is open to both WWPNA members and the community in general. The list is integrated into this site and requires you to first register and login on this site. Then click on "My Account," then click "Subscriptions," then click "Content types," and select all the content types you wish to have emailed to you. Messages for the "E-Mail News" content type are sent no more frequently than once a week. These announcements are of a general nature.

Submitted by mmendelson on June 12, 2006 - 8:27pm.