Board Meeting Minutes: October 3, 2006

The draft minutes from the October 3, 2006 Board Meeting are attached. These minutes will be offically approved at the next board meeting.


September Zoning Minutes

Attached are the minutes from September of 2005


Minutes from the September 19, 2006 Special Meeting

Enclosed are two documents related to the Special Meeting held on September 19, 2006. Jim Lindberg of Platt Park gave a presentation on the Platt Park Pattern Book. The minutes, which provide highlights of his presentation are enclosed. Also enclosed are the results of comment cards submitted by attendees.

Zoning Minutes 9-26-06

Zoning Minutes from 9-26-06


Board Meeting Minutes: September 5, 2006

The draft meeting minutes from the September 5, 2006 board meeting are attached. The minutes will be approved at the next board meeting.