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The Sitemap page provides a way to get to all content on the site and a way to see all RSS feeds on the site. The "front page" section is for any content that gets published to the front page (very few pages). The "type" section breaks down site content by the kind of page that it is. The "Categories" group pages by the content information.
Next to each page you can see the number of posts in that section. Since posts can be in multiple Categories, the sum of the numbers in Categories is more than the sum in "Types".

Syndicate content This is a link to a content RSS feed


Most of the time you should select "General". If your post is an official position, a set of minutes, or a newsletter, select the appropriate value.


These terms are used to categorize information on the site. Accurately choosing terms to associate with your post ensures that residents will be able to find the right information quickly.